Wilhelm Reich's Orgasmatron, Sexual revolution

Hello from the warm countries

In this video I put on the spotlight a famous psychoanalyst who came out after Freud but who non the less made some fame for himself.

The first man who coined the term Sexual Revolution, thought the solution for all neurosis in society is more frequent and better orgasms.

Guy had his books burned by the US government invented the Orgasmatrom a famed machine where you could accumulate vital energy or orgonic and maybe even reach an orgasm inside.

To finish his short autobiography he even had a quarrel with Einstein and invented a machine to produce rain that actually worked

One Norwegian legend has the answer for a rock hard penis

Hi guys,
So today we go back in time about 1000 years ago, when man and women had enough time to sit around and do nothing.

Well not actually nothing and this man Haakon Harfaggerson, a Norwegian hunter and Casanova was training his penis like an Olympian for sexual marathons.

His technique was rather simple and it involved snow and fire which I guess are abundant in Norway.

So it goes like this>:

First you start rubbing your penis and balls with snow from the button upwards until it gets to its minimum peanut size.
Then by warming your hands in a fire you do the same operation until your penis has a firm erection.
You have to repeat this operation minimum 7 times.
That’s it.

Well i tell you what is kinda hard to get snow but you can use ice fro the freezer or cold water though that cold water has to be really cold for the exercise to work so I would recommend ice.

I’d say do this for 10 minutes every day you will notice a great improvement in the erections and also it adds extra control on your ejaculation..

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Picking up girls as a middle age man

Hey guys,

I got a lot of questions from middle age about how can you pick up young girls.

Here’s me in the middle of Bangkok explaining how you need to act and more importantly what mental frames you need to adopt in order to overcome self sabotaging behaviors that kill your capacity to even interact with this types of girls.

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Yours George

Taking home 3 swedish girls

So I’m in Copenhagen watching from my window the deserted streets of a otherwise nice city.
Last 4 weeks have been a relatively dry spell with few opportunities to meet new girls but some girls I already know did swing by.

 Suddenly I see a hot girl down the street I have a struck of desire so I quickly dress up and run down the streets in her pursuit but I cant find her.
I talk with a German girl instead which works at the Opera but she proceeds to buy a sausage from a street vendor.

The image of her eating the chemically processed meat makes me abandon her right away.
I return towards my place when I spot 3 girls.

BI do my approach and I immediately notice they’re up for partying.
They are Swedish and they booked 3 nights in a 5 star hotel for some days.
I lead them to a bar near by we star to drink, everything is good.
2 of them are not so good looking 1 is but one of the not so good looking ones likes me.

On the other hand I’m interested of course in the attractive one which is her sister.
I have to navigate carefully this situation as things can get nasty if the girls start to compete with each other.

My advice in this situation is be friendly and engage all girls in the group equally but make physical moves only on the one you like.At one point the other ones will even help you wih your girl if you treat them nice.

I lead them around in the bar for table football, putting music in the jukebox or to different tables.
It is of utmost importance to do this.

These simple moves establish you as the leader of the pack, the only constant in the chaotic environment nightlife can be.

You will gain trust and will yield power in the group hence your choice for the hotter girl will be a natural consequence.

Things get a bit hectic a lot of guys approach the girls.
By this time I do a strong move towards the one I like.using he fact that she’s a waitress i reach across the table and massage one of her shoulders then because i couldn’t reach the other one I command the girl next to her to switch places with me.

After that I’m in the perfect position to talk to her while the other girls are occupied by other guys.
Eventually the other guys get too aggressive, I take control of the situation and tell the girls we leave to another place.

We go to a karaoke place which turns out to have a very good atmosphere people sing romantic songs.

I dance close to my girl and create more intimacy, then I find a moment when we are alone at the table and i notice her stare on my mouth.

Perfect moment for the kiss which is short but seals the accumulation of adventures and arousal of the night.soon as the other two girls arrive I announce our ”marriage”.
The other girls swiftly agree one of them even tells my girl ”good that did something otherwise he would’ve got bored and leave”.

This sentence can clearly tell you girls also make plans, discuss strategies.
We go to another bar where the other 2 girls are attacked by guys who feel blood in the water and they wanna get all the girls to another party but at the 7 eleven where i lead for food I manage to get rid of them.

I mention the fact that the sauna in the 5 star hotel where they live opens at 6 and we take a taxi to their place.
Finally we arrive to we arrive to their hotel i sneak in the bed taking my pants off the other girls have their own beds right nex by.They pretend to fall asleep while we engage in some fun between the sheets.

We hit up the sauna later where luckily there is nobody since it’s 6 in the morning.
There we have more sex and then we go to bed.In the morning I have free breakfast going with them then I head home.

Yours George

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Use porn to turbo charge your sex life!

Greetings my fellow man I gonna share with you a story that will surprise you!

When I was younger in highschool i use to watch a lot of porn everyday and by a lot I mean a lot!
About 3hr everyday.We all know how this finishes you usually masturbate when you watch porn.

Needless to say this has a negative impact on a lot of aspects of a man’s life because the sexual energy that we loose,especially if we don’t energy preserving techniques to block the release, is huge.

Why is it like this? well for a variety of reasons.

1.First of all sexual energy in the form of sperm has a handful of hormonal components that are responsible
in keeping man motivated, stimulated to achieve different things in life.
Why is this, well on a subconscious level everything that men do in order to achieve a certain social status
in work, social circles, society in general is motivated by the deep desire to procreate and attract females.
Why do you want to become a banker?…well to get money! why?..to have a nice life..buy a nice car!WHY?—)girls

2.Loosing a lot of sexual energy we feel relaxed, yes but every man has to admit he feels tired,
and just wanna chill doing nothing at least for some time.
Why is that?Well is becuse once you had sex for a certain amount of time untill you recharge from the bilogical point of
view you replicated.You suffer a tiny death, you accomplished a mission yet we are not eaten after sex by women as
in the case of spiders.

But in the case of masturbation it’s really bad because you actually are relegated to the ancient condition of
beta males which never had sex.
Think about it in the past alpha dominant males rarely masturbated when they reached this status position.
Loosing energy only through masturbation is bad because you loose motivation,life energy and even more than that
the satisfaction of sexual energy without women will make you an underachiever in lots of areas.

Now things are a bit different for guys who do have sex with women.

In their case the body secrets more and more hormones to keep them in the alpha vibration state, they are motivated,
they wanna get more girls or if they have a partner they really love, they use this energy to achieve success in
order to provide for the family.
Again this is not the same when you make mechanically sex with your wife that is the same as a jerkoff it will
ruin you in other areas of your life also.

Now my tip for today is that you cut porn out completely from your life and do one thing!
From now on be more active and try talking to women that you like in every situation.
You will be amazed of the results that you will get in terms of sex partners but not only.
Everything will go up with this because you will use the sexual energy in other dimensions of your life but a word of caution
here if you become too aggressive do masturbate because things can get crazy.

Do it only once every 7 days though!

That’s my tip for the day

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Ejaculation,mind frames and transcending limiting beliefs FOR SEX MASTERY

Back in Manaus the former rubber capital of the world and still caring the symptoms of a food poising, George throws himself in rhetoric about inner transformation and what it takes to become a master of your sexuality.
Maybe incoherent at times because of high fever he still throws some gems at you so it’s worth watching!

ours truely,

George Gracchis
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The crow jumps to our help to contain premature ejaculation

We go again to the animal world to get some inspiration,
this time from a bird deemed stupid by Aesop because it lost the cheese to the fox.

Yes the crow might be stupid in that wisdom tale
but it definitely has a lot of things going for itself.

Today I plunge in a breathing exercise that will help you cool down
the initial fire of the sexual contact that messes up you plans to last longer in bed. And yes it is inspired by the crow, this black bird that has found a way to cool down in the hot summer months.

We start in the semi lotus position by inhaling and exhaling 3 times.

We bend forward and exhale remaining for couple seconds with the void in our lungs.
Next we roll our tongue to form an O letter and we take it out 1cm starting to inhale while we come up in the normal lotus position.

We remain in this position with our lungs full of air as much as possible and after we exhale on the nose while we again go down bending forward our back.
In the bent position we breathe normally couple of times and then we repeat the exercise.

This exercise is very good for becoming more aware and in control of the sexual energy and it’s easy to do with maybe the rolled tongue in the O shape.

Practice it for 10 minutes you will feel great effects on your control of the ejaculation.
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3 simple exercises for penis lengthening, firm erection and ejaculation control

Hey guys I hit you up this week with some simple, but highly effective exercises that will make a difference when it all matters.

Number one is for increasing the length of your pens and goes like this:

We massage the penis with the right hand fingers, always from base to head, imitating

milking movement; In this way, the blood is directed towards the head of the penis, causing tissue

expansion by stretching the skin.

One tip for the uncircumcised guys hold the head of the penis with your arm fingers while drawing back the skin of the penis to the base.

Also penis has to be semi erect when you do this.

Number two exercise is for hard erections

Massage the penis shaft until it becomes very hard (like a rock); contract

then the muscles at the penis insertion zone near the pubic bone and maintain contraction until the penis loses erection.

Resume then massaging; repeating this exercise for 10 minutes.

Number three exercise is for penis desensitization a real advantage in fighting premature ejaculation

We sit on a chair with feet firmly on the ground and thighs apart;

Taking the penis with the right hand fingers at its base, we will swing it to the left and right so as to strike alternatively each thigh. We act firmly, but not to pain.

This exercise repeated systematically

every day will greatly enhance the penis,

will improve his form – gradually bringing one to the elusive mushroom shape.

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3 behaviours to get women arroused and have more sex

Few people understand today the way to unlock the path to receiving sexual gratification from women. It really boils down to one thing only and this thing is arousal.

Arousal is traditionally unidimensional for men, mostly undeniably visual but, for women it has different implications.

This is not something that they can control, because it is strongly encrypted in their genetic coding.

While women can see sometimes attractive males, this thing only seldom triggers a decision and readiness to engage sexually with the male in question,mostly  because mother nature establishes a behaviour trench that men have to pass to prove they are worthy.

This thing has a very deep implication. It is because of this behaviour of women that we are here today, our female ancestors choosing males with the most dominant behaviours, because these were the real signs of fitness for women.

These signs cannot be faked, women have an inbuilt radar to scan these manifestations of behaviours and they get aroused when you display them.

What are these behaviours then?


Everybody will tell you to be confident but how to do that?

Well confidence comes from initiative and there’s really no way around it you have to take the initiative in relation to interactions with women. The more you do it the more you will succeed in being confident in your actions.

Be unaffected

Women throw a lot of emotional test at men and the way to arouse them is by being unaffected emotionally by their actions.

In the east the symbol of masculinity is the Lingam a column that stands still. By keeping your emotional state calm and unaffected by the woman who engages you a strong arousing process is inevitable.

This is one of the most powerful tool to arouse women because it is in their nature to try to shake men emotionally as a way to discover which one is strong.By staying centred, you effortlessly launch the emotional then the physical arousal.

Be funny

An outdated advice be funny but it is important because it shows that you are relaxed in your environment which can only be a dominant trait since in the past only dominant males were relaxed.

How to be funny and this is crucial you have to find your own fun at least 3 things you can laugh about and build your fun around that in interactions with women.

It can be a sentence, actions you do like a dance move etc but the important thing is that you feel the fun mood in you and this will make women laugh which in turn will launch physical arousal

you don’t have to worry about what other people might find funny because this is not a dominant male characteristic. Find your way to fun and the others will laugh with you.

Let women come to you

After you display all these behaviours its time to relax

There is a moment when you don’t have to do anything anymore because you have proved yourself and you have to stop trying!!!Very important!!

From this moment on the women takes the initiatives and the roles are switched she tries to conquer you because you don’t have to prove anything anymore.

This happens usually in moments when you first meet a girl but also in relationships when you pass different tests even in the course of a day.You have to then allow the woman to unleash her arousing process by the so called playing ”hard to get”.

Well that’s it for today see you next time

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Full body sexual arousal-delayed ejaculation in 5 ways

One thing is true the fact that essentially arousal is felt mostly in the genital area and this because the nervous system and reproductive system are intricately connected and perfected by mother nature in order to optimize reproduction.

In fact premature ejaculation was a benefit in the past for reproduction if you recharged quickly.

Some even go as far as saying the alpha males of the past all ejaculated fast.

Nothing more unproductive today when there’s a lot of pressure on man to perform daily sexually so here’s one trick that will help you.

I start off by saying that when arousal occurs a vast amount of blood is immediately focused in the pelvic area for erection and also even more importantly a nervous centre just above the penis about one inch is activated.

When you prematurely ejaculate the brain is sending a quick electric impulse to this center and you’re done.

The main thing that causes this is hypersensitivity of the penis nut the cause of this is actually the fact that sexual energy is focused only in the pelvic area.

The key is to disperse it all over the body and here are some tips for that:

1)Take things slowly in the prelude-important because if you rush the whole process is rushed by the nervous system

2)Breathe deeply-by breathing deeply from the beginning you actually go against the normal arousal process that has its purpose in fast ejaculation to serve reproduction

3)clench your right arm yes you’ve heard me good recent studies show that ejaculation is experienced in the Brodmann areas 7/40, 18, 21, 23, and 47, exclusively on the right side of the brain so by clenching the right arm you move some focus on the left hemisphere

4)Let yourself absorbed in the arousal process with no aim in mind-usually we are conditioned to reach the end fast but by feeling everything more intensely and being sensitive even though you increase arousal the energy is dispersed evenly and not in the ejaculation center

5)Move your consciousness in another point of your body-a Zen exercise this can help tremendously because again you are cutting away from the regular ejaculation path. Zen monks use to put their consciousness in the big toe but you can choose other regions and feel yourself as present just in the toe. Practice this before as mediation

So with this 5 tips I leave you for now not before telling you to check my program for other tips

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The sets of nine no avoid the hot coals of premature ejaculation

The sets of nine is a very effective exercise to avoid the ejaculation urge that man with problems have in the first seconds of a sexual encounter.
The mechanism behind it is relatively easy.
We are programmed as man to ejaculate fast and key to this exercise as deeply as possible inside the vagina.
This is because sperm has to be close where the cervix is in order to reach the egg and fecundate it. Nature pushes you deep and fast towards premature ejaculation as a default reflex act.
It is not interested in fun its interested in reproduction.
The sets of nine go against nature’s erratic push and reverse the moves it programs you to do by starting with shallow thrusts in the vagina.
So lets dig in the sets of nine.
It is actually very easy. After you took your time and easily eased into arousal do the following.
1.9 shallow thrusts of the penis just a little bit above the head and 1deep thrust
2. Then follow this up with eight of the shallow strokes (with the penis head only) and two deep strokes (with the entire penis).
1. seven shallow strokes and three deep ones.
2. Six shallow strokes and four deep ones.
3. Five shallow strokes and five deep ones.
4. Four shallow strokes and six deep ones.
5. Three shallow strokes and seven deep ones.
6. Two shallow strokes and eight deep ones.
7.Finally, you makes one shallow stroke followed by nine deep ones.
Repeat he sets of nine after this how much you want until you master the burst of feelings surrounding the initial moments when you have sex. Once you achieve the control do what you want but be careful ejaculation might be around the corner.
That’s it for today for more info check up my program,
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Yours George

Small penis?Interviews with hot girls

Hey guys,

George here today I’m wandering the streets of a european city trying to hit on girls saying I have a small penis!!

It’s amazing how well girls react to this!

Fuck having a small penis doesn’t matter I got several phone numbers from hot girls and I had quite some fun with two of them!!!

Check my video up,

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Yours George

Social anxiety in interactions with women and how to delay ejaculation metaphysically

Social anxiety is at its utmost peak for a man when he interacts with a women he doesn’t know.

This in unfamiliar circumstances like the street or a supermarket for example.

Our psychology is deeply rooted in evolutionary reflexes so when we talk with a women we don’t know in an unfamiliar territory our brain reacts with flushing us with fear hormones, a reaction that in the past was preventing us to approach the alpha males females when he was around.

It’s essentially an instinct that in the past was keeping us alive.

Even though it’s not valid today this fear is actually keeping society in place and establishes the hierarchy of today with males who live to society’s standards like wealth or fame being the ones who feel entitled and anxiety free in interactions with women.

My expose here might be far fetched but the key to dominating a women in bed and get accomplished as a man in society is overcoming this social anxiety and performing actions that insure a psychological rite of passage and a transformation of you as a beta male into a predominantly alpha male with the psychology and hormonal balance that will allow you to have access to a lot of women or one you like but this confidence will be the one who ultimately transform you in the ultimate sex machine.

The type of confidence that I tell you can be build and I’ll tell you more about that in the future but for now I want to  add that ultimately everything will change even in your biology and your brain.

The alpha confident male beams with alpha brain waves and is able to be not only in control in bed but also in a lot of life situation because of the superior mind and body connection that comes with the fact that he vibrates at higher frequencies(more on brain waves and premature ejaculation in another article).

All in all I’m giving you here some food for thoughts about the meta causes of your bad performance but ultimately things can be easily fixed so check out also my program at

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