3 behaviours to get women arroused and have more sex

Few people understand today the way to unlock the path to receiving sexual gratification from women. It really boils down to one thing only and this thing is arousal.

Arousal is traditionally unidimensional for men, mostly undeniably visual but, for women it has different implications.

This is not something that they can control, because it is strongly encrypted in their genetic coding.

While women can see sometimes attractive males, this thing only seldom triggers a decision and readiness to engage sexually with the male in question,mostly  because mother nature establishes a behaviour trench that men have to pass to prove they are worthy.

This thing has a very deep implication. It is because of this behaviour of women that we are here today, our female ancestors choosing males with the most dominant behaviours, because these were the real signs of fitness for women.

These signs cannot be faked, women have an inbuilt radar to scan these manifestations of behaviours and they get aroused when you display them.

What are these behaviours then?


Everybody will tell you to be confident but how to do that?

Well confidence comes from initiative and there’s really no way around it you have to take the initiative in relation to interactions with women. The more you do it the more you will succeed in being confident in your actions.

Be unaffected

Women throw a lot of emotional test at men and the way to arouse them is by being unaffected emotionally by their actions.

In the east the symbol of masculinity is the Lingam a column that stands still. By keeping your emotional state calm and unaffected by the woman who engages you a strong arousing process is inevitable.

This is one of the most powerful tool to arouse women because it is in their nature to try to shake men emotionally as a way to discover which one is strong.By staying centred, you effortlessly launch the emotional then the physical arousal.

Be funny

An outdated advice be funny but it is important because it shows that you are relaxed in your environment which can only be a dominant trait since in the past only dominant males were relaxed.

How to be funny and this is crucial you have to find your own fun at least 3 things you can laugh about and build your fun around that in interactions with women.

It can be a sentence, actions you do like a dance move etc but the important thing is that you feel the fun mood in you and this will make women laugh which in turn will launch physical arousal

you don’t have to worry about what other people might find funny because this is not a dominant male characteristic. Find your way to fun and the others will laugh with you.

Let women come to you

After you display all these behaviours its time to relax

There is a moment when you don’t have to do anything anymore because you have proved yourself and you have to stop trying!!!Very important!!

From this moment on the women takes the initiatives and the roles are switched she tries to conquer you because you don’t have to prove anything anymore.

This happens usually in moments when you first meet a girl but also in relationships when you pass different tests even in the course of a day.You have to then allow the woman to unleash her arousing process by the so called playing ”hard to get”.

Well that’s it for today see you next time

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