One Norwegian legend has the answer for a rock hard penis

Hi guys,
So today we go back in time about 1000 years ago, when man and women had enough time to sit around and do nothing.

Well not actually nothing and this man Haakon Harfaggerson, a Norwegian hunter and Casanova was training his penis like an Olympian for sexual marathons.

His technique was rather simple and it involved snow and fire which I guess are abundant in Norway.

So it goes like this>:

First you start rubbing your penis and balls with snow from the button upwards until it gets to its minimum peanut size.
Then by warming your hands in a fire you do the same operation until your penis has a firm erection.
You have to repeat this operation minimum 7 times.
That’s it.

Well i tell you what is kinda hard to get snow but you can use ice fro the freezer or cold water though that cold water has to be really cold for the exercise to work so I would recommend ice.

I’d say do this for 10 minutes every day you will notice a great improvement in the erections and also it adds extra control on your ejaculation..

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