Social anxiety in interactions with women and how to delay ejaculation metaphysically

Social anxiety is at its utmost peak for a man when he interacts with a women he doesn’t know.

This in unfamiliar circumstances like the street or a supermarket for example.

Our psychology is deeply rooted in evolutionary reflexes so when we talk with a women we don’t know in an unfamiliar territory our brain reacts with flushing us with fear hormones, a reaction that in the past was preventing us to approach the alpha males females when he was around.

It’s essentially an instinct that in the past was keeping us alive.

Even though it’s not valid today this fear is actually keeping society in place and establishes the hierarchy of today with males who live to society’s standards like wealth or fame being the ones who feel entitled and anxiety free in interactions with women.

My expose here might be far fetched but the key to dominating a women in bed and get accomplished as a man in society is overcoming this social anxiety and performing actions that insure a psychological rite of passage and a transformation of you as a beta male into a predominantly alpha male with the psychology and hormonal balance that will allow you to have access to a lot of women or one you like but this confidence will be the one who ultimately transform you in the ultimate sex machine.

The type of confidence that I tell you can be build and I’ll tell you more about that in the future but for now I want to  add that ultimately everything will change even in your biology and your brain.

The alpha confident male beams with alpha brain waves and is able to be not only in control in bed but also in a lot of life situation because of the superior mind and body connection that comes with the fact that he vibrates at higher frequencies(more on brain waves and premature ejaculation in another article).

All in all I’m giving you here some food for thoughts about the meta causes of your bad performance but ultimately things can be easily fixed so check out also my program at

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