Taking home 3 swedish girls

So I’m in Copenhagen watching from my window the deserted streets of a otherwise nice city.
Last 4 weeks have been a relatively dry spell with few opportunities to meet new girls but some girls I already know did swing by.

 Suddenly I see a hot girl down the street I have a struck of desire so I quickly dress up and run down the streets in her pursuit but I cant find her.
I talk with a German girl instead which works at the Opera but she proceeds to buy a sausage from a street vendor.

The image of her eating the chemically processed meat makes me abandon her right away.
I return towards my place when I spot 3 girls.

BI do my approach and I immediately notice they’re up for partying.
They are Swedish and they booked 3 nights in a 5 star hotel for some days.
I lead them to a bar near by we star to drink, everything is good.
2 of them are not so good looking 1 is but one of the not so good looking ones likes me.

On the other hand I’m interested of course in the attractive one which is her sister.
I have to navigate carefully this situation as things can get nasty if the girls start to compete with each other.

My advice in this situation is be friendly and engage all girls in the group equally but make physical moves only on the one you like.At one point the other ones will even help you wih your girl if you treat them nice.

I lead them around in the bar for table football, putting music in the jukebox or to different tables.
It is of utmost importance to do this.

These simple moves establish you as the leader of the pack, the only constant in the chaotic environment nightlife can be.

You will gain trust and will yield power in the group hence your choice for the hotter girl will be a natural consequence.

Things get a bit hectic a lot of guys approach the girls.
By this time I do a strong move towards the one I like.using he fact that she’s a waitress i reach across the table and massage one of her shoulders then because i couldn’t reach the other one I command the girl next to her to switch places with me.

After that I’m in the perfect position to talk to her while the other girls are occupied by other guys.
Eventually the other guys get too aggressive, I take control of the situation and tell the girls we leave to another place.

We go to a karaoke place which turns out to have a very good atmosphere people sing romantic songs.

I dance close to my girl and create more intimacy, then I find a moment when we are alone at the table and i notice her stare on my mouth.

Perfect moment for the kiss which is short but seals the accumulation of adventures and arousal of the night.soon as the other two girls arrive I announce our ”marriage”.
The other girls swiftly agree one of them even tells my girl ”good that did something otherwise he would’ve got bored and leave”.

This sentence can clearly tell you girls also make plans, discuss strategies.
We go to another bar where the other 2 girls are attacked by guys who feel blood in the water and they wanna get all the girls to another party but at the 7 eleven where i lead for food I manage to get rid of them.

I mention the fact that the sauna in the 5 star hotel where they live opens at 6 and we take a taxi to their place.
Finally we arrive to we arrive to their hotel i sneak in the bed taking my pants off the other girls have their own beds right nex by.They pretend to fall asleep while we engage in some fun between the sheets.

We hit up the sauna later where luckily there is nobody since it’s 6 in the morning.
There we have more sex and then we go to bed.In the morning I have free breakfast going with them then I head home.

Yours George

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