The crow jumps to our help to contain premature ejaculation

We go again to the animal world to get some inspiration,
this time from a bird deemed stupid by Aesop because it lost the cheese to the fox.

Yes the crow might be stupid in that wisdom tale
but it definitely has a lot of things going for itself.

Today I plunge in a breathing exercise that will help you cool down
the initial fire of the sexual contact that messes up you plans to last longer in bed. And yes it is inspired by the crow, this black bird that has found a way to cool down in the hot summer months.

We start in the semi lotus position by inhaling and exhaling 3 times.

We bend forward and exhale remaining for couple seconds with the void in our lungs.
Next we roll our tongue to form an O letter and we take it out 1cm starting to inhale while we come up in the normal lotus position.

We remain in this position with our lungs full of air as much as possible and after we exhale on the nose while we again go down bending forward our back.
In the bent position we breathe normally couple of times and then we repeat the exercise.

This exercise is very good for becoming more aware and in control of the sexual energy and it’s easy to do with maybe the rolled tongue in the O shape.

Practice it for 10 minutes you will feel great effects on your control of the ejaculation.
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