The sets of nine no avoid the hot coals of premature ejaculation

The sets of nine is a very effective exercise to avoid the ejaculation urge that man with problems have in the first seconds of a sexual encounter.
The mechanism behind it is relatively easy.
We are programmed as man to ejaculate fast and key to this exercise as deeply as possible inside the vagina.
This is because sperm has to be close where the cervix is in order to reach the egg and fecundate it. Nature pushes you deep and fast towards premature ejaculation as a default reflex act.
It is not interested in fun its interested in reproduction.
The sets of nine go against nature’s erratic push and reverse the moves it programs you to do by starting with shallow thrusts in the vagina.
So lets dig in the sets of nine.
It is actually very easy. After you took your time and easily eased into arousal do the following.
1.9 shallow thrusts of the penis just a little bit above the head and 1deep thrust
2. Then follow this up with eight of the shallow strokes (with the penis head only) and two deep strokes (with the entire penis).
1. seven shallow strokes and three deep ones.
2. Six shallow strokes and four deep ones.
3. Five shallow strokes and five deep ones.
4. Four shallow strokes and six deep ones.
5. Three shallow strokes and seven deep ones.
6. Two shallow strokes and eight deep ones.
7.Finally, you makes one shallow stroke followed by nine deep ones.
Repeat he sets of nine after this how much you want until you master the burst of feelings surrounding the initial moments when you have sex. Once you achieve the control do what you want but be careful ejaculation might be around the corner.
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