Ice Cutter

Falling icicles affects hundreds of people every year. A lot of these incidents are fatal. Ice Cutter prevents icicle build up by automaticly removing them before they reach a fatal size, and thus making the streets a lot safer for the pedestrians.


Why Choose Ice Cutter?

Ice Cutter is a professional device for icicle removal.

  • Ice cutter automatically removes icicles
  • Special brush system clears the gutter
  • There are multiple sensors for detecting icicles and objects in the gutter
  • Ice Cutter can also be controlled by a remote



Blast through icicles and prevents them to form

Manual control

Can be operated manually with ease

Icecutter S1manual                          Icecutter S2 with brush                 Icecutter S3 with motor                  Icecutter S4 full version


Ice Cutter is a green product

  • Ice cutter uses 85% less electrical power than the alternative heating cable
  • Manual ice cutter doesn't use any eletrical power
  • Part of the materials used in making of Ice Cutter are recycled