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Master Seductor


Dear friend,


If you want to know how to meet girls during the daytime on the street, in the library or wherever you want then this is the most important letter you ever read.


My name is George you already know me as the Sexual master a guy who has interacted with thousands of women and has slept with hundreds of them along the years.

I do not need any introductions for myself and I don't want to brag but I'm one of the most experienced guys on this planet in terms of meeting women and having sex with them.

Now, for the first time after many requests from my fans I reveal my secrets in the most complete program, I literally have here everything you need to know about getting girls in the daytime.

Why daytime it’s because I want to make it the easiest possible for you stress free away from the craziness of the clubs and daytime is the most efficient stress free environment.

But here is what you get with this program:

How to start-this is the most terrifying step that you have to take if you've never done it here I explain you exactly what is stopping you and the mental trick that I use in order to set yourself free roam the streets and get girls.

  • What causes anxiety-here I talk about anxiety where does it come from exactly and how to overcome it.I give you 5 exercises to slowly dissolve this pest that is plaguing you

  • Anxiety is good-what is bad can be good and good can be bad I give you the key to fuel your desire and motivation for interactions with girls

  • How to open any girl best ways to do so-it's time to no longer be in the darkness about opening conversations with girls I give you here everything you need to know about initiating the interaction

  • Never run out of things to say-starting a conversation is good but most people cannot keep on so here I drill my mind and I show you live how I keep the fire going how to be a talking machine Machinegun McGeorge is my middle name

  • Make your life exciting by interacting easily with women everyday stress free-this program will not only teach you how o get girls but ultimately it will change your life from boring to exciting in no time from day one

  • How to develop the illusive connection with the girl- in this module you will learn what makes me so effortlessly attractive at any moment and how to develop this secret energy in yourself, what is composed of and every step you need to undertake in your life in order to quickly achieve my level

  • The complete encyclopedia of body language-you will never have sex with a girl if you don't touch her here I show you exactly what body language, facial expressions and physical moves you need to have in from start to finish this is the alpha and omega of body language for attracting and closing a girl,

  • Handle objections and rejections not everything is milk and honey when interacting with women we all know that but here you will learn exactly how to handle rejections but not only that here I reveal how to turn them around and what makes it turn around

  • How to maintain your frame-best example ever how to stay cool under pressure-live example with me and 2 girls that give me tons of shit delightful to watch;)

  • Best conversation topics here I give you some tips and examples of what exactly makes things interesting for a girl how to establish yourself as an interesting person in her head

  • How to close here I show you how to set up the date and how to lead every interaction to a close. This is the utmost quality that will turn you from a looser to a winner, always.

  • How to turn every date into a success I explain here how the rhythm of every date should look like I even show you a imaginary graphic in which you will finally understand what you were doing wrong before. Not only this will you now know when the right time to kiss is, and how to take the girl to your place effortlessly. Also here in this extensive module I tell you exactly what you should do in order to have girls sleep with you once you are in the bedroom because here everybody blows it off

  • Where to set up the date here I explain to you why you need to have your dates in specified places and why this makes you not fuck it up, period.

  • Finally how to set up your place for guaranteed success what is important to have in order to maintain the good mood and make girls comfortable to have sex with you

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So here's the deal you get here all that you need all the secrets of my trade that enabled me to be so successful during the day and avoid log nights spent in bars and clubs.

I put down everything in 3 MODULES:

Module 1:

1.      How to open a conversation during the day

2.      What is stopping you from interacting with girls

3.      5 exercises to eliminate anxiety

4.      What to say and how not to run out of things to say

5.      What is the underlying emotional state to start and continue an interaction and how to nurture that

Module 2

1.      Conversation topics for connection building

2.      Complete body language tips to connect and arouse

3.      Handle rejections and turn them around

4.      How to develop an attractive personality

5.      Maintaining your frame example with 2 girls

Module 3

1.      Establish the girls logistics

2.      Leading for the close

3.      The date itself where when and how to end up closing the deal

4.      Setting up your cave for romantic encounters


You get 2 examples where I approach girls during the day one more energetic and dynamic physical and aggressive an the other one more chilled relaxed slow interaction both being able to seal the deal.

You get all these amazing things right here, right now, just for the price of Night out…... so hurry up and get my program Daygame by George and rest assure that your love life will change dramatically!!!

Get this thing now this is your last chance to do something meaningful for yourself and stop feeling miserable for the rest of your life. This program offers you the opportunity to finally emerge from dungeons’ of uncertainty and despair or if you are a bit better with women you will reach rock star level of success.

You really have no excuse right now this is the last call!!!!


In case you missed it this is the only program that can really make you start doing this and not only.

It shows you how to transform you flesh and bone, mind and heart from an unsuccessful to a fully accomplished successful guy with women.

And this is done easily during the day with my program

Master Seductor 

Yours truly,





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