Yes, you read correctly! You as a male can have multiple orgasms too! Having multiple orgasms is not solely reserved to some privileged women. We males can achieve this higher level of joy and pleasure as well. And the great thing is: every man can have multiple orgasms! You’ll be able to stack the excitement from orgasm to orgasm and thus experience a never felt form of pleasure. We’re not talking about reaching another climax after ejaculating here. This is a false interpretation of having multiple orgasms. We’re talking about multiple orgasms that only include the orgasm, not the ejaculation! Pure joy without any loss of energy! The true multi-orgasmic male has no ejaculation between the orgasms and thus is able to keep going until the final climax.

How do Multiple Orgasms work?

In order to become multi-orgasmic as a male, you just need some basic understanding of the process involved and train some special exercises. See: in today’s world, the man is so much focused on getting to the ejaculation rather than the actual love making process. Once we can shift that focus and you’ve experienced the enormous joy of multiple orgasms, you’ll never want to go back. It’s like a new level of awareness, like a child that just learned to walk.

Male Multiple Orgasm

The figure “Male Multiple Orgasms” above illustrates the excitement curves of a typical single orgasm, compared to having multiple orgasms. After a typical single orgasm, you loose all your energy and just want to sleep after having sex. But when you master the concept of multiple orgasms, you won’t ejaculate until the final climax and thus keep your energy level high and your penis hard. You’ll enter into new dimensions of love making!

Multiple Orgasms & Sexual Master Program

In the Sexual Master Program we teach you the special exercises, so that you too, can have multiple orgasms. It doesn’t matter if you’re chunky, skinny, small or tall. With our program, you and your partner will soon experience the tremendous joy of multiple orgasms!

Watch the trailer to get an impression of the Sexual Master Program:

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The perks of multiple orgasm

But here a comparison between the 2 orgasms:


We are all sexual energy, sexual energy is the biggest source of energy one has!

Why is this?

Well essentially because all our body is the result of the multiplication of the 2 sexual cells united.

I’m not gonna go deep into psychological motivation of existence that pushes man in a quest of status in order to get a partner, or the women’s intense desire to have to have this high status confident man but reality is sexual energy has helped shape the world as it is today.

Whether is Einstein or Dali or you name it all these people had created a huge legacy and this is due to their immense sexual energy converted into creativity or high intellect? I cannot even name also the powerful man in the history that had a high sexual drive from Kennedy to Fidel Castro or even Genghis Han.

So what is the connection then multiple orgasm, lasting longer in bed Kennedy Fidel Castro and Salvador Dali?

Well maybe not obvious from the beginning it all connects with sexual energy and what we do with it because we might not have the same stamina and desire as these people that were helped by nature but we do have one thing.

This is the ability to master our sexual energy, conserve it and refine it in whatever energy we want.

This goes deeper then balancing the energy in our body or controlling the pc muscle or even doing Kegels it’s about a new lifestyle in which we enrich all aspects of our life from emotional to intellectual or even making money.

Yes sexual energy as our nuclear power stored below has the capacity to be transmuted into any kind of energy even will power. The one who masters his sexuality will in turn have an increase in willpower for sure.

The exercises to master the love making process and last longer in bed are in the Sexual Master Program and you should try that if you haven’t done it yet but more than the control of pubococcygeus muscle we’re accomplishing a revolution here.

It’s widely known from athletes to mathematicians that perform strenuous tasks that when they have sex they cannot perform at top level anymore.

Some coaches of boxers and football players forbid them to have sex prior to competitions.

Why is that?

Well what we know now is that sperm has a very low caloric index about 20kcal but the secret behind the fact that we are tired after sex is not in the caloric composition.

When we lose our sperm we lose vital hormones like endorphins, estrone, prolactin, oxytocin, thyrotropin-releasing hormone, and serotonin these are responsible with our well being, relaxation and ultimately our happiness.

It is true that the body produces happiness hormones after you ejaculate also but this is to resupply what you already lost and of course you feel relaxed and because there is a small peak that appears.

But imagine that the valley after the orgasm is almost none existent, that you reach new peaks that are higher and higher. Your capacities will explode your body will produce more happiness hormones that will stack on and give you tremendous life force and happiness.

It’s not about the calories we lose it’s about these life hormones that have a huge condensed energy in them that will make our life better 1000 times.

Think about it yes you might eat 1 kg of steak and you feel good but 1 micro gram of serotonin will kick your happiness of the wall at 0 calories!!

So yes you might wonder what happens with this sperm if it stays inside your body where does it go? Well the body has self regulatory functions like osmosis and diffusion and things are not so separated as you might think.

The hormones and sperm that you produce when you make love will be reabsorbed in the body with the help of these processes and all this tremendous life force will increase the energy flow in your body.

Yes more than lasting longer in bed and having multiple orgasms as a men now you can not only be the master of your sexual energy but more than this you can redirect the energy that you produce when you make love to make your life better in all the fields that you want.

Sexual energy like a nuclear reactor will continue to sustain everything in your life at a much intense level then before because now sexuality is not something that discharges you of energy but it charges and rejuvenates you.