Prolong ejaculation, be in full control of the love making process and discover new levels of joy. Satisfy your partner and make love for hours.

 “Not only will you be able to delay ejaculation, no, you will be able to last as long as you want!

How to Prolong Ejaculation

In the Sexual Master Program we teach you how to prolong ejaculation. We introduce special exercises for body and mind that allow you to regain control over your sexual energy and the ejaculation and orgasm process. Those exercises are 100% natural and originate from the Tantric tradition.

To prolong ejaculation, one first must understand that orgasm and ejaculation are two distinct events. The ejaculation (physical) happens fractions after the orgasm took place (mental). Thus, if we would be able to control the events that trigger ejaculation after orgasm, we could prolong and prolong – and that’s exactly what you’re going to learn here! While you’ll be able to have multiple orgasms in a row, you prolong ejaculation until the final climax.

Prolong Ejaculation & The Sexual Master Program

After finishing the Sexual Master Program, you’ll be able to prolong your ejaculation as long as you want! You’ll be able to satisfy your lover to the fullest, reaching out to new peak experiences in your sex life. George, the teacher of the Sexual Master Program has taught people how to prolong ejaculation for years, with overwhelming success. And guess what? He once started where you are now, until he immersed into the Tantric traditions and finally managed to prolong ejaculation with the exercises explained in the program.

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Prolong ejaculation point the ultimate technique


There are a lot of PE treatment creams, pills and god knows what potions today but nobody really addresses the problem to the core of it.

The real is that ejaculation premature or not is an in–voluntary act!

Yes for most people out there ejaculation and orgasm are below the level of consciousness and are controlled by the autonomic nervous system.

So the ultimate technique that will cure you forever from premature ejaculation and make you last longer in bed is actually bringing the ejaculation and the orgasm up from the unconscious to the conscious level.


Make orgasm and ejaculation a voluntary act!


You will ask me then will that mean that I will control everything? No this is even stupid I personally don’t like the term control but you can put it like this also more is that you bring sex in the conscious level.

All the exercises for achieving the perfect control on your love muscles are in the Sexual Master program so definitely take a look there.

The mental state of awareness and a conscious prolonging of ejaculation and orgasm will come as a result
of practicing the physical side of the program.

But let’s dig deeper and see how this works actually.

First of all ejaculation as a involuntary reflex act happens after a process of intense sexual arousal when the spasmodic contraction of the pelvic floor muscles pushes out the sperm through the opened sphincters of the penis.

Second of all ejaculation as a reflex act is a result of a brain signal to a nerve knot just above the penis.

When the excitation reaches a peak the only way to prevent it is to cut this signal for not reaching the ejaculatory orgasm or if you want to reach an orgasm divert this signal to a different nervous knot.

In this way by you will actually have an orgasm but it will be a dry one because the physiological and nervous path conditions are not met for your body to expel the sperm.

By practicing the exercises in the Sexual Master Program you will achieve a perfect control of the muscles responsible for the involuntary contractions before the orgasm.

What does this mean?


It means that you will be able to contract these muscles at will and one effect that you will immediately see is, that when you feel that you are very aroused, you can contract them at will and in this way you can dissipate the tension build around the ejaculatory nervous knot.

In this way you can actually increase the amount of time you make love indefinitely because you can always delay the peak of the excitation how much you want.


But what happens actually during this contraction that you make is that the besides the fact that the energy is spread out in the body is the fact that like I said in the free exercise you will become aware of the second nervous point which is the naval nervous knot.


This is connected with the sexual area and is an erogenous zone but by having the focus of the energy going in that direction you can actually interrupt the involuntary signal of ejaculation to the knot center above the penis.

More than this when you choose to have an orgasm by directing your attention in this center and by holding the muscles contracted a long time you will be able to hold the sperm in, have a dry orgasm and maintain the erection.

By doing this you will continue to make love and have as many orgasms as you want.

This complex exercises will allow you to become a master of the sexual dynamics both physically and mentally.

Now sex is part of your conscious realm and it will improve your life dramatically!

And don’t worry if you want to ejaculate you can drop the always do it by eliminating the muscle control and putting your energy in the ejaculation centre at will and just shoot the sperm out.

But why would you do it?

The new orgasms that you get are much better more intense, an implosion of energy that will awake make other qualities because your preserved sexual energy can be used for creativity, intellectual physical activities whatever you want!

Plus you have unlimited sexual availability you can basically make love all day if you want and most importantly your wife won’t get pregnant because this is the perfect contraceptive.

And not to mention that you as a men you’ll have as many orgasms as you want but watch out you have to use this stuff in moderation otherwise you’ll never get out of the house!!

Yours George